Schedule of Events

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The first 4 Seals described in Revelation Chapter 6 are open and have occurred and continue to this day.

These are the events foretold by John the Apostle.

1. World Conquest attempted
2. World Peace gone
3. Food shortages while some grow rich
4. Armed Conflict, Famine, Plague, attacks by wild animals

The 5th Seal will occur in Heaven and we do not know if it has occurred already or will occur soon.

5. Martyrs accounted for in Heaven

The 6th Seal will be the start of God's direct punishment of the earth. Christians may not see this. They will be taken away, likely before it starts just as Lot was removed from Sodom before its judgement.

6. World wide earthquakes & Sun goes dark

The 7th Seal is the first prophecy which shows that the Church is in Heaven. Will you be with them?

7. The Church is seen in Heaven for the first time

How to be saved.

It does not matter what has happened. You can still be saved. You can still inherit eternal life.

Listen to this podcast and follow the instructions. 


  1. Hey brother I have to say something I like your studys on end time but u are missing one thing u must do to enter the kingdom of heaven and that is you must be born again its in mathew to be born again must repeant of your sins be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and receive the gift of the holy Ghost its in the books of acts romans and others and the evidence of receiving the gift is speaking in tongues brother I pray you study about that I hate to see anyone parish but expecially someone who davotes his time to the lord by the way I go of kjv to many mistakes in the others thanks for reading and may god bless you ill be praying for you

  2. Thanks for the comment Terry, but you haven't listened to the download. The evidence of a born again person is not speaking in tongues. It is the fruit of the Spirit, not the gifts, Blessings to you

    1. This is true. Actually in church last night we just spoke of this. Speaking in tongues was for example when paul taught there were many different languages represented there he spoke in his language while others under stood it in theirs, I will be praying for you,God bless

  3. Gracias por este mensaje tan bonito, y la oracion tan eficaz. En el nombre de jesucristo. In Jesus name, he is the Lord of my salvation. Amen.


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